Mission Statement
As your advocate, my mission is to empower and provide you with the best strategies, options and resources personally tailored to your child’s unique educational needs.
Welcome to Special Education Solutions

Navigating the complex network of special education in our schools can be overwhelming for any parent of a 
special needs child. The challenges associated in meeting with the School District and advocating for your child’s educational, medical, social and emotional needs can be daunting. My extensive background and experience in Special Education can provide the knowledge and assistance you require in outlining and developing  the best educational options to meet your child’s special needs. I can advise you as to the professionals necessary to establish an appropriate diagnosis, and I can offer insight into choosing  medical and educational treatment options.

As an advocate and parent my goal is to provide comprehensive educational advocacy to all students with disabilities. I will work together with you to develop an appropriate educational plan specifically suited to your child’s unique needs. I will always be respectful of the fact that you are truly the expert on your child, and all information provided will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. You can depend on my education, knowledge of complex laws and regulations and parental perspective to establish the best course of action. I will always keep negotiations with the Team on a professional and respectful level, and I will strive to build a solid working relationship between you and the School District.

To learn how I can be of assistance to your and your child, please feel free to call me anytime for a free 15 minute consultation.