I received my Masters in Special Education from Cambridge College in 2003.  I know the IEP process intimately and have two children both of whom have special needs. This allows me to bring a wealth of information and strategies to the table.  I worked in the high tech. field for over 15 years until my son was born, and has since dedicated the past 16 years advocating for other children in similar situations.  I was instrumental in the inception and development of the Family Autism Center at The ARC of South Norfolk in Westwood, Massachusetts.  I continue to run a support group there and have been for over seven years.  I am also a member of AANE and SPAN and I continue to advocate for Special Education Law at the State and Federal levels.

The day my Son was born in 1991, I was very aware that he was different from other children.  I went on a two year quest for an answer. One I did not want to hear. My son aged two had Autism. I found myself thrown into the Special Education process as my son was turning three shortly and was about to embark on the most difficult and life altering journey.  I was a confused, scared parent and completely out of my league when I had to advocate for my son.  I struggled with the process of obtaining the most appropriate services for him. Navigating the Special Education system and understanding the laws and regulations was truly frustrating and discouraging. Establishing an appropriate rapport and Team atmosphere with the School District was not happening no matter how nice I was. I struggled until I found an Advocate who was truly inspiring
and helped me to obtain the right services for my son. I immersed myself in studying every aspect of the Special Education System in Massachusetts. I went to trainings, lectures, support groups and joined many different Agencies that could educate me.  I joined in on the grass roots development of the Family Autism Center @ The Association in Westwood, MA, and I worked for over four years with them until our dreams of the center were finally realized and it opened in January of 1997. I was also advocating at the State and Federal levels with regard to legislation to broaden and keep Special Education Services from being downgraded.  My heart went out to all children with disabilities and I began providing free advocacy services to friends, neighbors and others that would call me.  I then decided that I would complete my education in Special Needs and devote myself full time to my passion; that of advocating for children with special needs.   I  continue to provide the most appropriate professional, child and parent centered services. I look forward to speaking with you in order to obtain the most appropriate services for your child.